Conférence Biennale 2017 de l’AFDC

La conférence 2017 AFDC était a Québec le 12 Juin au 14, 2017 et était hébergé par l”Université Laval.


Réunion générale annuelle (RGA)-Mars 2016

L’assemblée générale annuelle de l’AFDC a eu lieu à Vancouver , en Colombie-Britannique le jeudi 17 Mars , 2016

Pour plus d’information contacter [email protected] ou téléphoner au 604-827-1083.


Conférence Biennale 2015 de l’AFDC

2015 Conference biennale de l’AFDC a été tenue à Saskatoon, SK le 13 Juin to 15th, 2015.
Le theme de la conference était “L’Alphabet de Post graduate options Annee: PGY1, DGES, GPR, DF1…”

La Distinguished Service Award de l’AFDC a été présenté au Dr David Singer , à titre posthume

Mme David Singer recevoir la Distinguished Service Award au nom de son défunt mari .

Dr Daniel Haas – AFDC président , Mme David Singer , le Dr Blaine Cleghorn


Dr. David Singer had a remarkable career as a periodontist, educator, researcher and scholar and exemplified the ideal educator and academic.

David received his DDS from the University of Alberta in 1964. He subsequently completed his PhD and Diploma in Periodontics at the University of Manitoba in 1973. He then joined the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Saskatchewan and became a full-time academic. While at the University of Saskatchewan, David served as Department Chair of Diagnostics and Surgical Sciences and Associate Dean (Academic). In addition, he carried a significant teaching load and managed to maintain a research profile and generate publications. David joined the University of Manitoba in 1992. While at the University of Manitoba David served as Department Chair of Dental Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences, Director of the Graduate Program in Periodontics and served as the Associate Dean (Academic). He retired in 2006 and was awarded a Senior Scholar appointment.

David’s contributions to Dentistry and academia have been noteworthy. David was actively involved and served on several committees that included the Canadian Academy of Periodontology, the National Dental Examining Board (as the Assistant Chief Written Examiner), the Canadian Association of Dental Research, Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada, the Association of American Dental Schools and also ACFD.

He served as an executive for the Alpha Omega Dental Fraternity, Chair of the Fellowship Committee of the Dentistry Canada Fund and was on numerous Advisory Committees. David was a reviewer for the Journal of the Canadian Dental Association and Journal of Dental Research and also served as a grant reviewer.

David’s service to the community included involvement with the United Way, Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, the Saskatoon Jewish Community Board of Trustees and the Saskatoon Family Services Bureau.

Throughout his career, David received numerous awards and honours. He was the recipient of he Dean’s Award for Excellence in Graduate Teaching at the U of Manitoba, a Fellowship in the Pierre Fauchard Academy, a Certificate and Award of Merit from CDA, an Outstanding Service Award from the Dentistry Canada Fund, a Fellowship in the International College of Dentists and two Medical Research Council Fellowships.

David graciously inspired an entire generation of graduate students, dental students, and dental hygiene students. David was highly respected and admired by both his colleagues and residents for his gentlemanly demeanor, his bright intellect and his methodical and calm manner of analyzing difficult situations. He had that exceptional ability that great educators have, in being able to find out what was unique about each of his students and help them develop and grow to their full potential.

David was an excellent listener, an active participant in conversations and showed genuine interest in the people around him. He was an ethical, humble, compassionate man who did not seek accolades or recognition. He is a most deserving recipient of this prestigious award.

Credits to Drs. Blaine Cleghorn, A. Kelekis-Cholakis, Jack Gerrow, Todd Jones