ACFD Distinguished Service Award

The ACFD Distinguished Service Award was established in 2008 to recognize individuals or groups who, have made significant contributions to dental education in Canada.

The Award

This extraordinary award is not presented annually, but on occasion when an individual or group whose contributions to teaching, research or service within dental education are of such significance and/or span a significant part of a career that special recognition is warranted. The award will consist of a permanent plaque listing recipients held at the office of the ACFD as well as an individual plaque to be awarded to each recipient.


Anyone is eligible to nominate an individual or group for an ACFD Distinguished Service Award. The Award will be announced and a call for nominations will be made annually by the office of the ACFD.

The nomination requires:

  1. Primary letter of nomination
  2. Two supporting letters of nomination
  3. Curriculum Vitae or similar detailed description of the contributions of the individual or group


No specific criteria are defined. Deserving individuals or groups should be self-evident based on the significance and/or duration of contributions made to dental education. Such contributions may be at the local, regional, national or international level.


The sitting ACFD Board will adjudicate nominations.


The award will be made by the president of the ACFD at an appropriate time and place such as the ACFD Biennial Conference or similar conference or meeting of national interest.