The Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry is a not for profit organization comprised of the ten Canadian Faculties of Dentistry.  The ACFD’s mission is to be the national voice and resource for academic dentistry in Canada by helping advance the teaching, research, and service activities of our members by facilitating collaboration and communication among our members and related organizations.

“advance the teaching, research, and service activities of our Members by facilitating collaboration and communication.”

The ACFD has five main goals.
– To establish the visibility of ACFD as the focal point of academic dentistry in Canada
– To promote faculty development at Canadian Faculties of Dentistry
– To facilitate collaboration among the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry to enhance teaching, research, and leadership/management
– To advocate on behalf of the Canadian Faculties of Dentistry to promote the interests of academic dentistry
– To be a national source for areas of academic interest.



The ACFD recognizes excellence in dental education teaching and service through the presentation of the ACFD Distinguished Service Award, the National Dentistry Teaching Award, and the W.W.Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education. For nomination information, please visit the ACFD website, or speak to Academic Affairs Committee representative at your Faculty.


Effective advocacy requires, among other things, a unified voice.  ACFD’s Academic Dentistry Advocacy Group was established to advocate in support of academic dentistry including increasing support for oral health research, university-based access to care programs, and dental education programs.  This group communicates with other national and provincial organizations to coordinate advocacy to create one voice for dentistry.


Enhancement and improvement of the abilities, expertise, and productivity of individual faculty members is essential to the quality of teaching, research, and leadership in the Faculties. ACFD provides funding opportunities for faculty to attend conferences and encourages the submission of proposals from faculty for workshops on areas of importance in academic dentistry.


 Through Conferences and meetings the ACFD provides the opportunity for faculty of exchange information and share best practices. ACFD encourages its’ members to submit proposals that would result in collaborative teaching opportunities, and is working with CADR to develop opportunities for the development of networks throughout the oral health research community.