About ACFD


Members Canadian University-based Faculty, School, or other entity that offers an undergraduate dental program leading to the DDS/DMD degree.
Member Representatives One Dean or Director or equivalent and one other individual as designated by the member.

All full and part-time academic members of Canadian University-based undergraduate dental programs receive support and benefit as a result of their institution being a member.
An Annual Meeting of the 20 Member Representatives governs the organization. The seven person Board is elected annually by the Member Representatives. The Board is responsible for making policy decisions and ensuring successful completion of everyday operations.

Membership of the Board consists of the President, Vice-President/Treasurer, Chair of the Deans Committee, Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, Chair of the Clinic Directors Committee, Chair of the Research Affairs Committee, Past-President and the Administrative Officer (non-voting).

Ad hoc committees:

1. Deans’ Committee
The Deans Committee consists of the ACFD President and the Dean, Director or equivalent of each Member.
2. Academic Affairs Committee
The Academic Affairs Committee is consists of the Associate Dean Academic or equivalent of each Member.
3. Clinical Affairs Committee
The Clinical Affairs Committee consists of the Associate Dean Clinical, Clinic Director or equivalent of each Member.
4. Research Directors Committee
The Research Directors Committee consists of the Associate Dean Research or equivalent of each Member.


The ACFD’s objectives are to promote excellence in university-based dental teaching, research and management through seminars, continuing education courses, symposia and conferences, to attract financial support for university-based programs and plan and work together with government agencies, related associations and other interested parties to advance university-based dental education.

The ACFD strives to expedite an exchange of information and view-points on important issues for faculty members. In addition, ACFD maintains a web site containing the ACFD directory, general information and links to related organizations.

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The ACFD provides information to its members through policy recommendations, position papers and reports related to university-based dental education, research and management. It also provides access to a directory of faculty members including contact information and academic areas of interest. The Association also stimulates educational research and management activities through the organization and facilitation of symposia, conferences and workshops on topics of national interest related to university-based dental programs.

The ACFD promotes excellence in dental education and recognizes outstanding achievement with the presentation of the Bisco National Dentistry Teaching Award and the W.W. Wood Award for Excellence in Dental Education.

The ACFD represents its Members in a variety of other organizations and associations including:

  • Canadian Dental Association;
  • Canadian Dental Hygienist Association;
  • Canadian Dental Assistants Association;
  • National Dental Examining Board of Canada
  • Royal College of Dentists of Canada;
  • American Association of Dental Schools;
  • American Dental Education Association;
  • International Federation of Dental Education Association;
  • Canadian Association of Dental Research;
  • International Association of Dental Research;
  • National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research;
  • Federation Dentaire International;
  • World Health Organization;
  • Association of Universities and Colleges Canada.