ACFD-CADR National Dental Research Award

The Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) along with the Association of Canadian Faculties of Dentistry (ACFD) are pleased to recognize exceptional contributions to dental research at Canadian Universities through the creation of the CADR/ACFD National Dental Research Award. A maximum of one award can be presented annually to a faculty member who has displayed the qualities of an outstanding dental research.

The Award

  • a cheque of $2,500 to the recipient;  
  • an award certificate

The award is open to any faculty member currently performing research who is a member of CADR in the year nominated and who holds a primary faculty affiliation within a Canadian Dental Institution. Only one nominee may be nominated from each dental institution. A nominee may only win the award once in their academic career. A maximum of one award can be presented annually to a faculty member.

The recipient of the award should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • knowledge of their field of study and its significance to oral health as demonstrated through the organization and presentation of research seminars, lectures, and symposia;
  • Significant contribution to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge in the field of oral health;
  • ability to communicate effectively;
  • outstanding mentorship;
  • utilization of innovative and creative approaches to problem solving;
  • profound and lasting effect on current knowledge within a field relevant to oral health.

Criteria for the Award
The Selection Committee will look for independent evidence of the following:

  • demonstration of research excellence as shown by publications, awards, and letters of support from students and colleagues; summary of seminars, workshops, conferences, invited presentations or other events on research/scholarship conducted by the nominee;
  • demonstration of academic achievement as evidenced by invited lectures, peer reviewed manuscripts, review chapters, and other unique contributions to discovery, translation, clinical care, education, public health, or knowledge dissemination important to the field of oral health beyond the nominee’s home institution.
  • demonstration of strong commitment to and excellence in the mentorship of future scientists and scholars
  • demonstration of innovative research methodologies or special research techniques and materials and methods of evaluation of students;
  • demonstration of leadership in the creation of new knowledge as shown by the following:
    • Leadership in new initiatives and/or programs that create research excellence;
    • Leadership at the local, national or international level that promotes research and scholarship
    • Evidence of creative and innovative leadership in discovery research in a field of oral health

Examples of achievements in research

  • number and quality of peer-reviewed publications over the past several years
  • publication of review articles and opinion pieces relevant to the nominee’s area of expertise
  • awards received
  • a description of any innovative new research methodologies, patents or products
  • letters of support from colleagues, trainees and/or others in oral health field
  • amount and source of research funding
  • a summary of seminars, workshops, conferences or other events on oral health conducted by the nominee
  • number and quality of trainees mentored and resultant success in research fields
  • examples of impact of leadership in research and scholarship

Selection Process
Each nominee will be evaluated in three categories:

  1. Research/Scholarship in Oral Health
  2. Excellence in Research Mentorship
  3. Leadership in Dental Medicine Research

It is expected that most nominees will excel primarily in one area and the selection process is weighted to recognize nominees with high ratings in one area over those with average ratings in more than one area. Selection will focus on the IMPACT of the nominee’s research, leadership and mentorship qualities rather than the quantity of activities performed.

The Selection Committee is comprised of a Chair (CADR President), the ACFD Past President, two representatives selected by the ACFD Research Committee, and two representatives selected by CADR Executive Committee. Selection will be based on evidence submitted in the nomination material. Members of the Selection Committee will not vote/evaluate a nominee from their faculty. It is the responsibility of the selection committee to determine that the nominees meet a standard worthy of this national award. The Committee can determine that no award be made in a given year. The award will be presented at the annual CADR meeting.

Nomination Material
Nominations will be accepted from students, alumni or colleagues. The Selection Committee requires an electronic copy of the complete nomination material in pdf format. Nomination material can be no longer than 50 pages. Completed nomination material must include:

  • a covering letter from the nominator outlining the justification for the nomination;
  • a letter from the Dean, or equivalent, that addresses the nominee’s special qualifications for the award;
  • a curriculum vitae of the nominee;
  • a statement of the nominee’s research contributions;
  • independent evidence that the nominee’s research is very highly regarded by students, alumni and/or colleagues, and that the nominee has played a leadership role in the development of university, national or international scholarship;
  • a listing of submitted documentation.

Dental institutions are encouraged to re-nominate candidates who were not chosen during the current cycle of nominations. There is no limit to the number of times nominations may be re-submitted for this award.

An additional Selection Committee competent to evaluate an application in French will be formed if needed.

Nomination documentation must be submitted by November 1 to:

CADR/ACFD National Dental Research Award Selection Committee
[email protected]